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One size fits all !

Between tablets at 1024x768 and high dpi screens at 2550x1600, designing windows in Xojo is a big challenge.
Too big, too small, a fixed width won't do. Why not let the user decide ?
Design your window at the size you like best, let RubberViews do the rest.

RubberViews maintains the place and relative size of every control when a Window or Container Control is resized.It also makes sure the content is resized to fit : font size, including styled text in TextAreas, as well as ListBoxes RowHeight, Pictures in ImageWells and Canvases. HTMLViewer as well. That extends to the Window or ContainerControl backdrop image, with the option to stretch it to fill the entire surface. All that is available with almost no coding : drop the class into your project, place an instance onto the window or container control, one line inOPen, one line in Resizing or Resized, and it flows right away.

RubberViews works with all three platforms, but has been optimized for each. For instance, it manages the whole 10 styles of Mac OS X buttons, and limits the growth of TextSize in controls that do not resize vertically, so they always look good. On Windows, of course, OLE Container (for Active X, OLE/OCX/COM/API GUI objects) is managed by RubberViews.

It is possible to set individual controls or group of controls to keep their aspect ratio, such as circle and square. Likewise, you can set individual controls not to have their content resized. Also, individual or group of controls can be ignored if you want to manage them yourself. Dynamic controls and custom controls (plugins, declare classes) are supported.

RubberCanvas is a custom version of the Canvas control that lets you draw in the Paint event at design resolution, and have it resized automatically without extra coding.

Additionally, a Curtain window animation has been added (see video), and a CenterWindow function.

Want to see how it perfoms on your own machine ? Just download the demo :
Version 1 (API 1.00) click here
for a zip archive that contains a Xojo project demonstrating how powerful and simple to use it is.
Version 2.00 (API 2.00) click here for a zip archive that contains a Xojo project demonstrating how powerful and simple to use it is.

The class in the trial version is fully functional and identical to the registered version, it simply displays a MsgBox the first time it is called. You will be able to put it into your own program and see immediately how you can have autoresize over a whole window in minutes.

To remove the Demo MsgBox, simply get the unencrypted version license below in minutes.

The Unencrypted source code version is $149.95 only,
Version 2.00 for API 2.00 lifetime licensing
Download immediately the complete source code and modify it any way you need.
Instant download.

Upgrade from version 1 to Unencrypted Version 2.00 is
$49.95 only, lifetime licensing.

The unencrypted source code version is $149.95 only, Version 1 for API 1.00 lifetime licensing.
Download immediately the complete source code and modify it any way you need.
Instant download.

Important :
make sure to whitelist the '' domain to receive your license. If you do not see the mail minutes after ordering, look into your spam folder.

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Q & A

Why is RubberViews better ?

RubberViews perfectly manages all Xojo controls on the Mac, and that includes the ten different styles of button, plus if they are set as default of not. Text size does not spill over controls such as PopupMenu and Combobox. On Windows, RubberViews has been optimized to minimize flicker, and tested to work with the touch interface of Windows 7, Windows 8.x and all Windows 10 controls. It offers exclusive features such as RubberCanvas, plus complete and transparent management of content, fonts and pictures, up to HTMLViewer and Listbox Rowheight.

Elastic Window Direct Drop-In Replacement
Numerous RubberViews users came from Elastic Window, as it became unavailable. To facilitate the transition, RubberViews contains as standard (included in the evaluation version as well) two classes that can replace Elastic Window and Elastic ContainerControl immediately. Drop them in the project, and change the super of your windows or container control to RubberWindow and RubberContainerControl. You can even remove the ElasticWindow class and rename RubberWindow, so no modification of the super is necessary. For instance, it works right away in the Elastic Window demo project.

That way, you benefit instantly from RubberViews without modifying your code, and get access to all the new features of RubberViews, such as KeepRatio, global ignore of entire series of controls, or resizing of HTMLViewer content.

Is RubberViews cross platform ?
Yes, it uses pure Xojo code and is perfectly cross platform. It resizes all visible controls in the Library. But it has been especially optimized for each platform when it was possible.

Is RubberViews difficult to use ?
Just drop an instance of RubberViews onto a Window or Container Control, call Init(Self) in the Open event, then SizAll(Self) in the Resizing or Resized event. That's it !

I use a lot of ContainerControls, are they compatible ?
Yes, RubberViews manages just as well Container Control instances as other controls, resizing them and keeping them into place, but also, it does its job internally. So if you have many controls inside the Container Control, just add RubberViews to it like you would a window, and all controls are resized. See the blue button inside the purple box under Mozart. It is a button inside a Container Control.

I use dynamic controls, are they managed ?
Yes. Just call Init(self) after you added controls so RubberViews knows about them.

I want to move controls around in code ; will RubberViews let me ?
RubberViews resizes and position controls automatically only when you call it through SizAll(Self), so you can move the controls any way you want afterward. You can also instruct RubberViews to ignore a specific control that you will be managing yourself.

Which versions or Xojo are supported ?
RubberViews Version 1.00 supports all versions of Xojo, from Xojo 2013R1 up, API 1.00. Version 2.00 supports API 2.00.

Why no support for RealStudio ?
We wanted to support all the new features in Xojo, in particular the Container Control. Because only the Pro version of the most recent RealStudio supported it, we cannot guarantee it will work. It is possible the demo may run in such versions, but we could not risk supporting such a fragmented environment.

Xojo may have Auto Layout in the future. Why get RubberViews, then ?
Auto Layout, as it is implemented in Xojo for iOS, is not at all as easy to use as Rubberviews. The advantage of Auto Layout is that it allows setting the relationship of a control not only in regards to "Parent" (Xojo terminology for the device screen), but also to other controls properties. RubberViews will always be simpler to use than Auto Layout and have its own place to keep all controls auto sized with no extra line of constraints.

Do I have to renew my license every year ?
No. The license one-time price is a lifetime one for the current version. You also benefit from all updates of that number. The current number is 2.00, but 1.x is still available for older versions of Xojo.

I lost my license number. How can I get it back ?
Just click here to email , and tell us enough details to locate your purchase. Usually your name is enough. We'll send you a copy right away, even years later !

What are the terms of the license ? Must I credit Match Software on the screen or something ?
We are developers. We understand the concern of other developers regarding intellectual property. Develop as many extraordinary applications as you want, for how long as you want. No strings attached. Well, just one restriction : if you acquire the source code, please do not use it to create a derivative competitive product, do not reverse engineer it to compete with us, and please do not resell it or pass the software to any unlicensed party. If anybody asks you to give him RubberViews, just pass him the evaluation version. It is identical to the licensed version, and fully functional, apart from a MsgBox that appears once upon launch. And if you do like it a lot, we do appreciate word of mouth.

There are features missing in RubberViews.
We did our best to cover all bases, but it is the nature of software to evolve. Especially programmer's tools. Please tell what you want. If it is feasible, it will be added !

How can I get technical support for RubberViews ?
Just use email ; when you purchase, you get an email from us with the license number and/or the download link. Just reply to it for support. In general, the reply will come within the hour, if not minutes.
This is expecially important for the Unencrypted version, where you may need guidance for certain aspects of the code (where is what, how do I, how does it work, etc.).

How many updates a year are you planning ?
Updates come all along the year, to fix small issues, or to add new features. Current version is 1.91.1. You can check your version by running the demo and looking at the bottom right corner. If you have an older version, just use the download instructions you received upon purchase to update. The demo is also updated at the same time for unregistered users.

I had a bad experience with a third party supplier who pulled his product on me. Do you guarantee your support will last ?
We have no intention to ever pull RubberViews without good reasons, and ample warning. Customers should never be penalized upon the whim of a contractor. Match Software has been a reputable name in software since 1987, and has provided outstanding service ever since to individuals as well as to major corporations without interruption. We continually strive to adapt to changing technologies, and intend to do so as Xojo continues to evolve.

How about corporate and site licenses ?
Our licensing conditions are very simple. Since a lot of Xojo users are individual developers, the single user license is also a corporate license. In other words, you acquire the single user license, and it can be used for your business. If you need more copies, just change the number of licenses on the order page. Both Encrypted classes and full source code can be used for as many projects as you want. For all intents and purposes, once you got your license, you can pretty much consider RubberViews as your own.

If you need RubberViews for a much larger company and need many licenses, or a custom version, just email. Michel Bujardet will personally get back to you right away.

I did not find the information I need
Just click here to email , ASAP reply guaranteed !

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