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RubberViewsWE 2.00TM
With Live Resize

One size fits all !

Today, more than 50% of web viewing is done by portable devices, which rotate, and content must adapt.
Browser windows can take any shape and size.

Design your WebPages at the size you like best, let RubberViewsWE 2.00 do the rest.

RubberViewsWE maintains the place and relative size of every control when the device is rotated, or when the browser Window is resized. It also makes sure the content is resized to fit : font size, and Pictures in WebImageViews. All that is available with almost no coding : drop the class into your project, place an instance onto the WebPage, some code in Shown, one line in Resized, and it flows right away.

RubberViewsWE 2.00 brings an exclusive feature :

  • Live Resize changes the content of the browser window as the user changes its shape, just like it happens in RubberViews desktop.

It is possible to set individual controls or group of controls to keep their aspect ratio, such as circle and square. Likewise, you can set individual controls not to have their content resized. Also, individual or group of controls can be ignored if you want to manage them yourself.

Note that RubberViewsWE 200 still contains RubberViewsWE for API 1.00, if you have not updated.

Want to see how it performs ? Click here to download an evaluation version.

RubberViewsWE 2.00 full source code for Xojo 2020 R2 and up is
$149.95 only
Download immediately the complete source code and modify it any way you need.
Instant download.

Already got RubberViewsWE ? Get RubberViewsWE 2.00 for $49.95 only.

Get the complete source code and modify it any way you need.
Previous licensing will be verified manually based on your email address.

Important : make sure to whitelist the 'Fontmenu.com' domain to receive your license. If you do not see the mail minutes after ordering, look into your spam folder.

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Q & A

Why is RubberViewsWE 2.00 better ?

RubberViewsWE is the only class of its kind with Live Resize, which brings an extraordinarily smooth experience to the user, equivalent to what RubberViews desktop offers.

Does RubberViewsWE 2.00 support Web 2.00 ?

Of course. This is the whole point. It supports all versions from 2020R2 and up.

Is RubberViewsWE cross platform ?
Yes, it uses pure Xojo code (no declares, a few lines of JavaScript only) and is perfectly cross platform. It takes care of all visible controls in the Library. RubberViewsWE works with standalone programs, as well as CGI, which means it also works with Xojo Cloud.

Is RubberViewsWE difficult to use ?
Just drop an instance of RubberViews onto a WebPage, call Init(Self) in the Shown event, then SizAll(Self) in the Resized event. That's it !

I use a lot of Web Containers, are they compatible ?
Yes, RubberViewsWE manages just as well WebContainer instances as other controls, resizing them and keeping them into place, but also, it does its job internally. So if you have many controls inside the WebContainer, just add RubberViewsWE to it like you would a WebPage, and all controls are resized.

I use dynamic controls, are they managed ?
Yes. Just call Init(self) after you added controls so RubberViewsWE knows about them.

I want to move controls around in code ; will RubberViews let me ?
RubberViewsWE 2.00 resizes and position controls automatically only when you call it through SizAll(Self), so you can move the controls any way you want afterward. Just run Init after you added or moved controls. You can also instruct RubberViewsWE 2.00 to ignore a specific control that you will be managing yourself.

Which versions or Xojo are supported ?
RubberViewsWE 2.00 supports versions 2020R2 and up.

Why no encrypted Version ?
Contrary to desktop, Web Edition is overwhelmingly used by professionals. So the logical choice is to provide the full source code, for competent programmers to have  control over the code they incorporate into their products.

Do I have to renew my license every year ?
No. The license one-time price is a lifetime one for the current version. You also benefit of all updates for that version.

What are the terms of the license ? Must I credit Match Software on the screen or something ?
We are developers. We understand the concern of other developers regarding intellectual property. Develop as many extraordinary applications as you want, for how long as you want. No strings attached. Well, just one restriction : please do not use our source code to create a derivative competitive product, do not reverse engineer it to compete with us, and please do not resell it or pass the software to any unlicensed party. Just let them see what it can do by c
licking here . And if you do like it a lot, we do appreciate word of mouth.

There are features missing in RubberViewsWE.
We did our best to cover all bases, but it is the nature of software to evolve. Especially programmer's tools. Please let us know what you want. If it is feasible, we'll put it in!

How can I get technical support for RubberViewsWE ?
Just use email ; when you purchase, you get an email from us with the download link. Just reply to it for support. In general, the reply will come within the hour, if not minutes.

I had a bad experience with a third party supplier who pulled his product on me. Do you guarantee your support will last ?
We have no intention to ever pull RubberViewsWE 2.00 without good reasons, and ample warning. Customers should never be penalized upon the whim of a contractor. Match Software has been a reputable name in software since 1987, and has provided outstanding service ever since to individuals as well as to major corporations without interruption. We continually strive to adapt to changing technologies, and intend to do so as Xojo continues to evolve.

How about corporate and site licenses ?
Our licensing conditions are very simple. Since a lot of Xojo users are individual developers, the single user license is also a corporate license. In other words, you acquire the single user license, and it can be used for your business. If you need more copies, just change the number of licenses on the order page. Both Encrypted classes and full source code can be used for as many projects as you want. For all intents and purposes, once you got your license, you can pretty much consider RubberViews as your own.

If you need RubberViewsWE for a much larger company and need many licenses, or a custom version, just email. Michel Bujardet will personally get back to you right away.

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